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Crowd Analyzer Performs Arabic Sentiment Analysis Regardless of Dialect

By Wael Nabbout | April 17, 2014 | Section: Analysis |

Crowd Analyzer is an online social media monitoring platform that offers users a variety of tools that monitor people's feelings about their brand through sentiment analysis. This enables companies to generate improved customer insights or understand why a particular campaign failed to achieve its target. Crowd Analyzer is also the 1st fully automated social web monitoring tool in the MENA region which supports Arabic sentiment analysis. Not only that, but the service can also recognize and understand the different dialects.

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Free Mobile Game of the Week: Minion Rush

By Romeo Chalfoun | April 17, 2014 | Section: Reviews |

GameLoft recently launched an Arabic version for the world famous iOS and Android game “Despicable Me: Minion Rush”; where millions of users have been running and catching bananas ever since the sequel of the movie was released in July 2013. If you’ve been playing the game in English and want to play it in Arabic; all you have to do is update it, go to the settings menu, and choose the Arabic language from there. Simple.

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Minuum Is the World’s Tiniest, Most Accurate Keyboard

By Wael Nabbout | April 16, 2014 | Section: Reviews |

Now that you've learned how to increase your reading speed, it’s time you started typing faster as well. Meet Minuum, the world’s smallest touch screen keyboard, so small it could fit on your wrist. Dubbed ‘the little keyboard for big fingers’ that would allow you to type ‘delightfully fast and surprisingly sloppy’, Minimum's interface comprises just two lines, one for letters, numbers and special characters, and another for word suggestions.

The logic for typewriters said that keys had to be big and well spread out, because mistakes were quite costly. But that isn't the case for digital, so why are we cramming large sized keyboards on tiny screens?

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To Pitch Your Business… Don’t Pitch

By Rabih El Khodr, Contributor | April 16, 2014 | Section: Ask The Experts |

Deciding to go on stage and “see how things go” is a definite recipe for failure. Even speakers who make their pitching look so effortless, and who seem to have years of public speaking under their belt - even they put a lot of time and energy preparing and rehearsing for the big day.

Here are are my top three tips to avoid rambling and deliver a pitch with engaging content.

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