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8pen is a Radical Reimagination of the Keyboard

By Wael Nabbout | April 22, 2014 | Section: Reviews |

Last week we reviewed Minuum, the world’s smallest touch screen keyboard. Minuum presents users with a shrunken qwerty keyboard and compensates for the imprecision with a strong correction algorithm. 8pen by contrast pays little attention to size, takes a radical approach instead and attempts to reinvent typing.

8pen looks nothing like a keyboard. It’s made up of a circle that sits on top of an X mark with letters and symbols on either side of each of the lines. See below:

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Why It's Important to Involve SEOs Early on With Website Designers

By Kumail Hemani, Contributor | April 20, 2014 | Section: Analysis |

Prior to 2009, the more links websites had the higher they ranked in the SERPs, no matter how bad their structure was, the average time spent per page, or how the pages were linked together. Today, this equation has been rebalanced; now all that matters is how the website’s design increases user engagement.

If you are wondering how to make SEO-friendly websites easier to  develop, here are some worthy tips based on my experience as an SEO consultant. 

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Weekly Digest, April 12 - 19

By ArabNet Team | April 19, 2014 | Section: Lists |

In this weekly digest, we share EMC's 5 technology trends and predictions, the giant companies' race to take wearable technology by storm, the four best media campaigns in Dubai Lynx 2014, and a debate on whether to outsource social media or do it in-house.

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