Prototype Day

February 20

Product Development workshop:

Think Business - Sketch Like a Designer and Code Like a Geek

  • Explain the process of starting a project.
  • Demonstrate the responsibilities of the developer, designer and product owner in extracting needed information from clients.
  • Stay aligned with client specifications.
  • Understand sketching and prototyping between designers and developers.
  • Validate and start development.
Rayan Al Zahab
Founder BambooGeeks, GDG Coast Lebanon Lead.

Product Development workshop:

How to Build Products People Need

  • Design Thinking
  • Insight Generation
  • Design Doing
  • Customer Retention
  • Prototyping
  • UX/ UI Design
  • Testing
  • Iteration | Versioning
  • Presentations of Projects
Cyrille Najjar
Founder White sur White, CEO of White Lab.

Product Development workshop:

Innovative Hardware Systems

  • Design and build innovative hardware systems, combining both functionality and aesthetics.
  • Develop conceptual hardware - reaching actual products.
  • Incorporate the appropriate technologies and produce not only the best product but the most relatively needed, and most fitted with its complementary peripherals.
  • Learn about the human-centred strategic approaches that allow to prototype sustainable hardware scenarios.
Halim Choueiry
Managing Director, HBR Creative Platform.

Entrepreneurship workshop:

Web Marketing from Level 0 to Planning

  • Online Marketing Main Channels (Worldwide).
  • How to Promote your Startup Online.
  • Lead Generation from the web.
  • Increase your Online Reputation.
  • Web Marketing Planning.
Ahmed Refaat
Regional Consultant and Trainer.

Hardware Development workshop:

Deploying an IoT Swarm with Docker Machine

In a world of containers, this workshop is designed to create a Swarm cluster, built with C.H.I.P. computers and a Raspberry Pi.

  • Connect them securely from a local computer via a Docker Machine.
  • Gain native clustering capabilities to turn a group of Docker engines into a single, virtual Docker instance - which acts as a webserver that can handle a nodejs simple express application.
  • Conduct a stress/load test to show the advantage of such cluster.
  • Get introduced to Docker and learn how to use Docker to pack,ship, and run any application as a lightweight, portable, self sufficient LXC container.
Simon Tadros
Co-Founder, Switchdw.

Entrepreneurship workshop:

Advertising Tools to Define, Reach and Convert your Target Audience

  • Go over the challenges and benefits of using online advertising to define, reach and convert your target audience into customers.
  • With the age of digital marketing and mobile, the way to target and acquire a customer has become both easier and harder; learn how to set a proper online advertising strategy to achieve your sales goals.
Jennifer Kanaan
Program Director, Eastline Academy.

Hardware Development:

Hands on Digital Fabrication, an Introduction to Rapid Prototyping

  • Take a tour into five years of case studies related to the innovation world in Lebanon, following a short quiz on 3D printing.
  • Get acquainted with the do’s and don'ts of industrial 3D printing, preparing you as you include game changing processes into your workflow.
  • Gain knowledge in DFM (Design for Manufacturing) for digital fabrication, and save steps in your next projects while benefitting fully from additive manufacturing.
Guillaume Crédoz
Founder, Ghouyoum | Principal, RapidManufactory.

Hardware Development:

Internet of Things: Connect the Hardware to the Cloud

This workshop discusses IoT dimensions in general and hardware in particular. After introducing existing IoT hardware, we dive further and discuss the ESP8266 IoT hardware (aka arduino killer) in detail, showing how to program this microchip using the Arduino IDE. We are interested in conveying sensors data to the cloud and visualizing them there. We also show how to control actuators remotely using the cloud. The kit will be shown to participants, who will also be taught about the application of such technology in several industries.

Hassan Nasser
Assistant professor, LIU | Founder, Xplor Technologies Lebanon.

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