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Money Forum

The future of financial services and money is being reshaped by the mass adoption of emerging technologies and increase in connectivity. The ArabNet Digital Summit will explore the trends and opportunities in financial technology, banking, and transactional businesses. It will also dive into the transformations created by artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and the practical opportunities available for banks and financial services providers.

Smart Economy Forum

The internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technologies are helping reshape cities and transform the relationship between governments and their citizens. The ArabNet Summit will feature a full track exploring the smart economy - applications of blockchain technology, driving progress through big data, and the evolving role of digital enterprises. It will also propose visionary outlooks for creative cities of the future.

Investment Forum

Digital Startups in the MENA region have raised more than $500M in equity investments in 2017, and the number of startups acquisitions has grown 180% YoY. The year has also witnessed increased interest from international investors and rise of regional angels. The ArabNet Digital Summit will feature dedicated discussions for investors about startup investing and venture capital as an asset class, the future of alternative funding and global technology trends. It will also delve into fund closures, governance and initiatives supporting the growth of the investment ecosystem.

Media & Adtech Forum

Data management platforms, attribution and targeting technologies have risen to the spotlight as demand for measurable outcomes increases. The ArabNet Summit will feature two full tracks covering the latest trends in digital media and advertising, including the AdTech Showcase - a convergence of new advertising and media technologies from around the world to improve the impact and efficiency of campaigns, and help publishers maximize revenues.

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