Frequently Asked Questions

What is ArabNet?

ArabNet is a leading events, media and research company focused on digital business and entrepreneurship in MENA. ArabNet organizes major annual conferences in Beirut, Riyadh, Dubai, and Kuwait; publishes news and analysis of the digital sector on its online news portal and print 'ArabNet Quarterly' magazine; and creates original research reports about the region’s digital industry.

ArabNet Digital Summit

ArabNet is coming to Dubai on May 16-17.
In its fifth edition, the conference aims to continue setting the ground for digital business in the UAE and the region, drawing in over 1,200 attendees from across the world, eager to connect, network and learn. High-profile international and regional industry leaders will participate in the Forum Track, which includes 35 panels and talks geared towards the future of digital in the region. The ArabNet Digital Summit also serves as a platform for budding entrepreneurs who wish to present their startups - via the Digital Showcase - and meet investors - via the MatchUp.

When will the ArabNet Digital Summit 2017 take place?

The ArabNet Digital Summit 2017 will take place in Dubai, on May 16-17.

What is the TechFair?

The TechFair is the accompanying exhibition to the ArabNet Digital Summit conference, featuring over 40 exhibitors from around the region and the world. Leading companies and promising startups showcase their best, as 1,200+ exclusive attendees mingle, connect and discover the latest trends, applications and technologies.
Access to the TechFair is open solely to ArabNet participants.

What is the Digital Showcase?

The Digital Showcase is the most comprehensive convergence of young digital enterprises in the Middle East. It is an opportunity for young companies that already have a structured product offering and good market traction, to build relationships with big clients and strategic partners in Dubai - the region’s most important digital market.

What language is the conference conducted in?

The ArabNet Digital Summit is conducted in English and Arabic.

How can I participate in the ArabNet Digital Summit?

To participate, you may register online.

Registration Categories

There are 3 registration categories for the event: professional, youth, and student. Participation fee varies according to category.


Any registrant 30 years of age or above, at the time of the event.


Any registrant between 22 and 29 years of age, at the time of the event.


Any registrant below 22 years of age, at the time of the event. Students are required to scan and email a copy of their dated student ID, clearly indicating the participant’s student status.

Note: You will be asked to scan and email a copy of your passport when making a payment online. Any registrant completing their payment on-site, rather than online, will be required to pay the full on-site fee regardless of online registration date.

How can I save on attending the ArabNet Digital Summit 2017?

The cost of attending the ArabNet Digital Summit increases as the event approaches. The sooner you register and pay, the lower the fees. You may view the rates here.

Early Bird Registration Rates:

Early Bird Registration is open until March 21, 2017.

Regular Rates:

Regular Rate Registration is open from March 22 until May 3, 2017.

Late Bird Rates:

Late Bird Rates will be open from May 4 until May 15, 2017.

On-site Rates:

May 16 - 17, on-site fees apply to all registrations. Take advantage of reduced rates by registering prior to this date.

Group Rates:

Groups of 5+ people can register together in order to benefit from a 15% discount on their individual participation fees.
Groups of 8+ people can register together in order to benefit from a 20% discount on their individual participation fees.

Can I choose which days of the ArabNet Digital Summit 2017 to attend?

Registration includes access to both event days, May 16 - 17.
To view the price list, please visit the registration page.

Promo Codes

Promo Codes are unique codes provided by ArabNet, that grant discounted participation fees.

If you are eligible for a discounted participation, you will receive a promo code to be entered into a designated field on the ArabNet registration page. Once you have entered your promocode, the reduced fee you are eligible for will automatically appear on the page.

May I bring a guest to the ArabNet Digital Summit 2017?

The ArabNet Digital Summit badges are valid for one person only - the one to have registered and paid in order to attend the event. Unregistered attendees may not attend.

Attendance and Refund Policy

By purchasing an ArabNet Digital Summit 2017 pass, you understand and agree that:

The ArabNet team reserves the right to refuse admittance to or remove a person from the ArabNet Digital Summit 2017, at any time and at its sole discretion, including but not limited to attendees behaving in a disorderly manner or failing to comply with the following terms and conditions:


No solicitation nor selling of items/services is allowed at the ArabNet Digital Summit 2017. Any attendee conducting such activities will have their badge revoked.

Swapping of Badges

Using the same ArabNet badge to attend the ArabNet Digital Summit 2017, by more than one delegate is strictly prohibited, whether at the same or during separate times. Both individuals partaking in this activity will be prohibited from re-entering the ArabNet Digital Summit 2017.

Badge Replacement Policy

Please note that the participating delegate will be issued 1 badge only to attend the ArabNet Digital Summit 2017. In case of badge loss, you will be required to pay a full participation fee in order to replace it. If your badge is damaged however, we are happy to exchange it with a new one.


There is a handling fee of $50 for refunds, regardless of registration categories. ArabNet does not offer returns or refunds for the ArabNet Digital Summit 2017 post April 14, 2017.

How can I get information about the ArabNet Digital Summit 2017?

The ArabNet website includes information about the full ArabNet Digital Summit 2017 program, as well as logistics.
For further inquiries, you may contact us: | +961 1 751 180 /1 /2

Speaking Opportunities at the ArabNet Digital Summit 2017

ArabNet has a track-record of bringing together globally renowned speakers to discuss cutting-edge topics in web and mobile, through interactive panel formats, talks, and workshops.
If you are interested in speaking at the ArabNet Digital Summit 2017, please fill the following form.

Speak at ArabNet

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