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Cairo Workshop Highlights

The Cairo ArabNet Workshop took place at the AUC Old Campus on December 22, 2010 from 6 to 9 PM and had the highest participation rate of all ArabNet Roadshow Workshops.

8 Speakers presented 4 different panels/sessions on the legal, financial, entrepreneurial, and industry perspectives of a startup.

Interesting Stats

  • 500+ attendees
  • 8 Speakers
  • Wael Fakharany announced that Google Middle East is looking for 4 interns and asked people to submit their CVs
  • Average age of the attendees was 23

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Badr El Dien identified the options for starting a company in Cairo
You can't ask for money until yours runs out. Risk all you have
Angel Investors like to see that you tried to build something
The source for early stage fund: 3 Fs, family friends and fools
Know what you know and what you don’t and find people to fill those gaps. Importance of a good board, investors that bring in value
You should watch what is happening and adapt to the local market needs.
Developers write for mobile before web. 20 million people are on the internet in Egypt, 7 million access from mobile [43% growth]
7 million Egyptians access the web through mobile. Mobile is the internet / Internet is Mobile
You should always think of ways to monetize your product. Advertising: not just banner. It's about Creative execution of the idea