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Power to the People: Sukleen Releases iOS App that Allows Users to Report 'Cleanliness Issues'

By Wael Nabbout | December 27, 2012 | Section: Announcements |

Lebanese waste management company Sukleen just announced the release of their mobile application for iOS. Developed by apps2you, it empowers citizens to help clean up their neighborhood.

Using an iPhone or iPad, users can snap a picture of any ‘cleanliness issue’ on the streets and report it to the Sukleen Operations Team. After application automatically detects the location, the information is sent to Sukleen who will deal with the issue. The sender will receive updates on the progress through the app until they receive a message that confirms that the mission is complete. The app also allows sending text reports instead of photos.


Summary of the App’s Features:

  • Photo capture to report issues
  • GPS detection
  • Updates on reported cases and Sukleen's feedback
  • A sorting guide that helps users reduce, reuse and recycle at home and in their office
  • Customizable interface with optional black or white themes
  • Information on Sukleen and contact info (email)
  • Sukleen Hotline

Download the application from the App Store here .

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